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Samdam Europe has developed the Incentives HUB package as an all-round software solutions & service tool that provides all required building blocks for organisations to set up relevant and successful loyalty programs.

As a software & service tool, Incentives Hub is based upon sophisticated and reliable processes in combination with extensive ways of customization. Each module has its own set of processes and functionalities configured per client in order to create a fluent user experience and thorough reporting.

  • Content Management System
  • General Program Management Module
  • Points Balance Administration System
  • Rewards Catalogue Module

  • Database Management System
  • Email Campaign Management Module
  • Reporting & Analytics Module
  • E-learning Management Module
  • Interactive Modules

Content Management System

Communicating the right content at the right time to the right participants is a basic principle any Incentives HUB solution is built on.

The deeply structured CMS makes this possible by directly taking into consideration multiple settings, among which specific participant roles and specific user interaction moments.

This module offers many options to create and edit web pages, email templates and images without requiring extensive knowledge of HTML codes or programming.

General Program Management Module

Managing loyalty solutions requires flexible ways of working while maintaining quality, consistency and efficiency for all stakeholders.

This module provides the program’s Admin Role with an interface of settings directly connected to all content and processes so that updates and adjustments are handled quickly and efficiently.

Features of the module include:

  • Web domain
  • Secure Socket Protocol Certificate
  • Points – Currency Value settings
  • Track & Trace Settings
  • Admin Configuration Settings
  • Admin System Alerts

Points Balance Administration System

A detailed real-time administration of the actual Points Balance is a must of any points-based loyalty program. So updating saved points for participants needs to be relevant quickly and frequently in order to make such a program successful.

Similar to a banking system, this module is equipped with an audited transaction system so it can process large amounts of point records while managing the redemption of points.

Features of the module include:

  • Points – Currency Value Configuration
  • Audited Mutation System
  • Unique Identification per User
  • Historic Detailed Reporting

Rewards Catalog Module

As a best practice, any loyalty program should include rewards that are attainable, attractive and relevant to participants. Therefore, the Reward Catalog plays a crucial role in the way rewards are communicated and claimed as every step in the user-journey should be flawless.

In order to facilitate this, the Rewards Catalog Module consists of a wide range of popular prize categories, a personalized overview of Reward Items within the range of the participant and a selection of favorite or pre-selected reward items.

Features of the module include:

  • General Reward Categories
  • Personal Reward Categories
  • Reward Items including full specifications
  • Shopping Cart and Checkout
  • Pay for Extra Points Module
  • E-tickets System (zoo, theme parks, cinemas etc.)

Database Management System

Creating the framework of a qualitative database for participants is among the first steps in setting up any loyalty solution program in order to successfully communicate with participants and to manage points balances.

However, databases are continuously updated and adjusted.This module provides the option to easily manage the program’s database by offering a real-time database interface for admin roles in which database records can be imported, updated or even blocked.

Features of the module include:

  • User Registration form including pre-filled data function
  • Admin Database interface
  • Interface for user roles and rights
  • +20 segmentation labels per database record (participant)

eMail Campaign Management Module

Relevant and personal communication messages draw the participant’s attention, which in turn drives the program’s loyalty business objectives. A well-structured communication planning plays a crucial role in the success of the program.

Other than traditional product-related communication, loyalty-related communication has the power to directly create a positive and personal link.

The Incentives HUB allows for an extensive segmentation of participants, which implies a high level of customization.

Features of the module include:

  • Planned eMail Campaigns
  • Automated eMail Campaigns
  • Segmented eMail Campaigns
  • High level of segmentation
  • HTML converter

Reporting & Analytics Module

The Incentives HUB provides a wide array of statistics and detailed reporting both for admin roles and the participants on a personal level. By continuously reporting on loyalty related customer or employee behavior in terms of newsletter statistics, website traffic, rewarded transactions, top tier participants, most popular rewards and more, the program proves to be an effective and highly measurable marketing tool.

Features of the module include:

  • Web Analytics Reporting
  • E-mail Campaign Analytics (ClickToOpen and ClickThrough)
  • Communication Calendar (historic and planned communication dates)
  • Mutation Exports
  • Top 20 Participants / Top 20 Rewards

eLearning Management Module

Organizations are frequently training and informing employees and business partners. By effectively presenting and rewarding knowledge on a personal level, multiple objectives are met as participants stay engaged and up to date.

This module makes it possible for organizations to quickly set up a gamified learning environment which can be managed as a standalone eLearning Program or as an integrated Points Based Loyalty program.

Features of the module include:

  • E-learning Content Management Tool
  • Configuration of E-learning Rewards
  • Configuration of video elements and interactive quizzes

Interactive Modules

The ongoing objective in existing loyalty programs is to reach and maintain high levels of participation and redemption. In order to keep participants engaged, loyal and motivated, Incentives HUB provides several additional interactive modules which can be used to drive engagement levels among participants:

  • Individual and Team Sales Target Progress Graphs
  • Top Performing Employee Rankings
  • Automated E-Ticketing Solution
  • Integrated Promotion Code Generator
  • Team Manager Points Authorization Flows
  • External Points Widget
  • Participant Widget

The Added Value of Loyalty with Incentives HUB

If you're not sure whether this loyalty program is for you or not, here's a shortlist of advantages that Incentives HUB brings to your business.

  • Incentives HUB leads towards desired behaviors! It rewards soft measures and encourages the moment of purchase.
  • Incentives HUB encourages cross-selling and upselling among existing customers!
  • Incentives HUB stimulates structural loyalty and retention by providing benefits, privileges and priority!
  • Incentives HUB is a structurally rewarding loyalty program and it appreciates both external and internal stakeholders!
  • Incentives HUB provides insights into sales and customers data! It provides highly interactive modules, segmented and targeted communication, all based on personalized preferences and customer behavior.
  • Incentives HUB provides a top-quality database resulting from a top-of-mind experience among users!
  • Incentives HUB offers cost efficiency through efficient, low effort campaigns development! The platform offers high perceived value for lower actual costs.
  • Incentives HUB leads to structural cost reductions through lower churn ratios and higher returns per client!

Are you ready to upgrade your loyalty program with Incentives HUB?

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Incentives Hub is a software platform centered on offering complete solutions for your loyalty marketing needs, adapting to the programs you intend to build to motivate and reward your loyal customer base, employees or partners.


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