Heineken Starbusiness

Business Loyalty Case Study

HEINEKEN’s Challenge:

How can HEINEKEN as a distributor of goods, drinks and non-food shift, lift and retain their business in a highly competitive market?

Loyalty Solution provided:

After some successful experiments, HEINEKEN chose to say goodbye to discounts on their products and started rewarding their hospitality clients with points (Stars). ‘Stars’ are collected with every purchased item. When a client buys more items, the amount of Stars immediately increases. When a client purchases more than last year, the amount increases exponentially.
The Stars can be redeemed for both business ends as both leisure and giftcard items in the online catalog.

Internal studies by HEINEKEN Wholesale have shown that actively participating customers do in fact purchase more items from more categories and do stay loyal for a longer period of time.

*NL business case using a similar software platform built and implemented by our partners.

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